Sunday, April 12


wearing: Dr.Denim sweater, Topshop hat, Love Beverly necklaces, River Island sandals | Photos by Dan

It's a 3 week countdown to indulging in Thai cuisines, enjoying coconut ice creams, traditional massages and shopping at the markets under the sun.
 I definitely do miss the cold weather in London especially when living in Singapore is like being in an oven 24/7. The last few days in London wasn't as cold so there wasn't a need for a coat. Borrowing Dan's sweater seemed like the perfect idea that day. Shot these photos near our hotel at High Street Kensington, I remember that it was a morning that made me really happy. We had breakfast at the hotel, shot some photos, strolled to Kensington Gardens to feed the ducks and swans and then headed off for some hot chocolate and muffins. It got me thinking, how nice it would be to live every morning like this, simple and peaceful. #Goals to live for. 

All my love, x

Saturday, April 4


Photos by Dan

Current situation: Snuggled in bed with a cup of tea while planning out the itinerary for my next trip to Thailand in May. Things are going to change tremendously for me after the coming 2 weeks and I'm not sure how I am going to cope. Can't say much about it yet but I figured that being busy helps a lot. My organiser is pretty filled up with to-dos, brunch meet ups with friends, events, work and not forgetting quality time at home and with Dan. Shall take some time this weekend to tidy up the mess on my table, cook some waffles with my Mickey waffle maker and get started on my new novel. Sounds like a great weekend already, hope you guys have a good one too!

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All my love, x


Sunday, March 29


Photos by Dan

Without a doubt, I have lived and breathed in this pair of jeans. It's definitely my favourite pair and I think it's the most featured piece in this blog. Before I actually owned this pair, I don't think wearing jeans was my first choice when it came to dressing up. Ripped jeans are the best, there are so many different kinds. From one knee rip to both or rips all across the thigh, it goes on and on. I'm eyeing my next pair, in the boyfriend style. What's your favourite pair or style of denim? 

And do you spy that gold heart necklace I'm wearing? It's one of the necklaces from the new minimal range from Love Beverly! The latest collection is my favourite so far, you can shop here

Have a great week ahead everyone! All my love, x

Monday, March 23


They say Paris is a city where you fall in love, eat endless amounts of croissants and pastries, visit the museums and basically live the life of a parisian. When I arrived in Paris, indeed I was blown away by the architecture of every building. It is true that every corner of Paris is photogenic, no matter where you point your camera at, it's definitely an Instagram worthy snap. I indulged in hot chocolates and macarons every day and it became a guilty pleasure. Getting around was pretty easy, it was either by bus or the metro and pretty soon my purse was filled with the tickets from the transport systems. I preferred taking the bus as there was more to see rather than the metro where all you can see is darkness from it being underground. My next goal would be to travel other parts of Europe for new adventures, who's with me?

 Pictures below are from the Musee De Louvre, enjoy!

wearing: Stradivarius coat, Nasty Gal cardigan, thrifted sweater and jeans, Kate Spade bag, New Look boots | Photos by Dan.

All my love, 

Wednesday, March 18


Needless to say, this is my favourite shade of pink. Matching this color can be pretty tricky, you either look like a giant cotton candy 
or feel like you're wearing the outfit of the year. It's almost midnight and I'm craving for some tacos and a good burrito or a pancake stack 
drizzled with maple syrup. Yes I know it's a weird sweet and savoury craving, I can't help it when I have multiple food blogs under my favourites. 
Feeling inspired to whip up something in the kitchen tomorrow, something eggy with potatoes maybe? 

Photos by Dan.

All my love, 

Saturday, March 14


Title reflecting on my coats for the next couple of posts. It was 2 weeks in London, 4 days in Paris and let's face it.. I can only bring 3 to 4 coats before my luggage is being filled completely. Went to Covent Garden and to my disappointment, it wasn't how I remembered it to be from the last time I visited. Well, I'm back in sunny Singapore and the week's rest was very much needed. This afternoon was spent hanging out with my good friends over a bowl of laksa, hot wings and ice cream. Also realised the humidity is really getting to me which resulted in a 11am appointment to the salon tomorrow. 

I'm also really bothered by how my images and text are not all aligned. trying to do slight changes to this blog over time and this is definitely one I need to work on. What I'm not working on is my current addiction to the latest Arrow/Flash series. Downloaded a new episode and it's waiting for me, till next time my loves!

wearing: Stradivarius fur coat, Topshop sweater, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, Kate Spade bag, New Look boots. Photos by Dan.

All my love!

Wednesday, March 4


Bonjour! Arrived in Paris a few days ago and the wifi is better here than in London so here's a new post! I honestly lost track of the number of croissants, macarons and hot chocolates I had over the last few days. I'm leaving back to London in a couple of hours and I'm a little sad to leave Paris, I made 2 new friends here who I got the best advice from about what I want to do in life. It feels really heart-warming, knowing that people believe in me even when we were complete strangers a few days ago. People like them give me strength to continue to do what I love, even if others are against it. I mean, I really can't imagine myself having a desk with a 9-5 work life.

So... who is up for another croissant and some jam? Oui oui!

 photos by Dan.

Au revoir! 

Wednesday, February 25


As some of you might have seen on Instagram, I'm currently in London! I know I promised two posts before I got here but there was the first two days of Chinese New Year which resulted in last minute 4am packing... It's been a good 4 days since I'm here and it's frrrreezing but there are occasional rays of Vitamin D every now and then which I'm thankful for. Everything looks almost the same since the last time I was in London, but the funny thing is I don't remember much (I was 9 back then). Well, I do remember Harrods and catching a Harry Potter film? 

Catch up with you guys soon, I have loads more to share but museums first! 


Sunday, February 15


Yes I'm wearing pink! And cheers to you if #01 and #02 of my 21 facts crossed your mind. Filled my closet with more pink recently so I guess you guys will be seeing more of me in that color! Have been dressing for the weather lately, it's so humid in Singapore. Just 6 more days till I get to layer up to my heart's content. So how did you guys spend your Valentine's Day? Dan and I spent our day at the beach soaking up some Vitamin D and we had MacDonald's for dinner after. No need for fancy candlelit dinners with rose petals scattered across the table or huge overpriced bouquets. Just his company itself makes me really happy. Oh and how cute is this little faux fur cross body purse? I fell in love with it ever since I received it as one of my birthday gifts. Little bags are my life and it's also a great way to carry less. Will be working on 2 more posts before I fly off. Stay with me!

photos by Alissa

All my love, always.