Wednesday, July 23



One of the many things that I really care about is my hair. For those of you who don't know, I've never colored my hair before and I don't plan to. I've had very fine hair since I was little, so my hairstylist advised that I shouldn't wash it everyday. I used to wash my hair every single day, sometimes even up to twice a day. Little did I know that over washing my hair will only strip the essential oils from it. 

So what do I use?

1) LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo 
This is the new go-to. I love this product so much as it not only sops up the oil but it actually does give my hair a slight volume. Not the Amy Winehouse hair of any kind but the volume that gives your hair a subtle hold. Plus the fruit scent leaves my hair feeling fresh all day, what's not to love?

2) VICTORIA'S SECRET Smooth & Glossy Shine Serum
Another one of my favourites! I've been using this for almost 4 years now and I would recommend this. This serum is so light and it gives your hair a smooth shine instead of a greasy look. I use this product only on my hair ends as sometimes it tends to frizz up a little. This works like m a g i c. 

 When I get bored of my hair, I'll spritz this product all over the bottom half of my hair and then braid it. Just one of my secrets if I don't want to use a curling iron! Here's the result after the curls set in. You're welcome (wink).


I prefer putting on as little make up as possible. I hate the idea of having layers of makeup on my face, but for my lips... I have a little crazy obsession. My daily skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, of course never forgetting the sunblock and lastly makeup. My makeup steps are really simple, it takes about less then 7 minutes. I don't use any foundation or BB cream at all, so that's one step less. On most days, I start off with concealing my horrendous dark circles, filling in the baldy spots of my brows, curling my lashes, applying mascara, lipstick and I'm ready to go. When I'm not so much of a lazy bum, I apply a little eyeliner, eyeshadow and blusher!

1) NARS Custard Concealer
Honestly I only bought this because the lady at Sephora recommended this. My usual concealer is from The Body Shop but I can say goodbye to it now. This concealer not only conceals my panda eyes but it actually brightens them too which is perfect. I know I should really be improving on my sleep cycles instead of relying too much on concealers...

2) KATE Mascara Base 
A friend told me about this Japanese product and I decided to give it a try. I ended up really liking it as this mascara base has fibres that lengthens your lashes and also gives them a much fuller look. 

3) LANCĂ”ME High Definition Mascara
One of my pet peeves: clumpy lashes. This mascara is one of the very few that doesn't leave my lashes looking clumpy, it's pretty pricey but worth it! I prefer my lashes looking natural and this mascara does the trick as it does not give added volume to them.

4) VICTORIA'S SECRET Luminous Angel Deluxe Palette
I'm not sure if it is still possible to get this in stores as VS will be discontinuing their makeup range, but you can easily get good palettes from Urban Decay or Bobbi Brown. I use this for my eyes on occasions and for days where I look like I just rolled out of bed.

5) E.L.F Eyeliner
I have to say this eyeliner has one of the cheapest price with a great quality. $3 and it comes with a brush! It has a creamy consistency that makes it very easy to apply on. I did get another brush also by e.l.f for this eyeliner only because it was a $1 but I ended up using it so much. 

6) BENEFIT Sugar Bomb Blusher
I've been using this for 3 years and I don't think I will change to another. If I do, it'll be back to the one from Too Faced. This is one of the most natural looking blushers I've used and I love how it gives a soft glow on my cheeks. I wouldn't recommend this product for those who are looking for blushers that shows well. #teamsubtle

7) EOS Lip Balms
I received my first EOS lip balm from my sister in the Summer Fruit flavour, and I knew I had to get all the other flavors. Most of the lip balms are 95% organic and it fully moisturizes and softens my lips. Not to mention they make great gifts too. 

8) Lipsticks by L'Oreal, REVLON & LIMECRIME
My 3 top picks for the lipsticks that I have with me all the time. I always apply lip balm before my lipsticks, a tip I learned from my mom. I do mix up to 3 colours on my lips at times but I'll leave that for you to experiment! 


As you can see I'm a moisture freak, I've had very bad dry skin at a very young age and body lotions became my best companion ever since then. I moisturize my hands and legs before I head out and also before bed. It may seem like a chore but your skin will thank you for it in time to come.

1) VASELINE Intensive Repair Moisture Lotion
As I have really dry skin (especially on my legs), this works really well for me. I like Vaseline as it leaves my skin moisturised for long hours.

2) BATH & BODY WORKS Body Lotion
I am obsessed with B&BW products, especially these lotions. They come in a wide selection so my recommendation would be Sweet Pea, Endless Weekend, Moonlight Path & Country Chic. I usually apply them after the Vaseline as the Vaseline is scent free. I actually do fall asleep to the scents of these lotions but I'm not surprised because they smell soooooo good. 

3) BATH & BODY WORKS Heel of Approval
This product is definitely a keeper, it absorbs so well into the cracks of the heel. I saw a difference just after one use, yes it's that miraculous. Just get this product, enough said.

Hope you guys found this post helpful, have a great week ahead!



Monday, July 21


Back in LA! I feel like the happiest girl alive as all I thought about was getting Sprinkles ice cream because of the hot weather and I bumped into Chiara Ferragni and the TBS Crew while I was there! I went into a total fangirl mode, who wouldn't right? Anyway, the Sprinkles red velvet waffle cone is THE best, I'm craving it so badly thinking about it now. When I was there previously, I had two cones. That's how good it is, I'm not even kidding. This summer is turning out great for me, better than I expected and I hope you guys are having a lovely one too! 

wearing: H&M hat & pleated shorts, Zara top, Thrifted lace kimono, Lovisa jewelry. 



Monday, July 14


Decided to try shooting with another camera instead of the usual and I'm kinda liking the result. The settings still need some getting used to but the probability of me using this camera again is a 60% yes 40% no. Spent my Sunday at Santana Row and just a fact that I rarely wear jeans out. Like the 'I can count the number of jeans days in a year' kind of r a r e l y. I only wear them to work but since I paid for such a good pair of denim jeans, I figured I should wear it out more huh? It's getting hotter here though, so I may just see Mr. Denim back in the wardrobe, (or not). Speaking of the weather, I've been drinking way too many smoothies in a desperate attempt to cool myself down from the . An excuse? I'd like to think so. 

wearing: Warehouse top, Abercrombie & Fitch high rise jeans, River Island sunnies, Kate Spade bag, Franco Sarto shoes.



Thursday, July 10


Some prefer separating business from home, but I personally prefer working from home. Sitting at my corner making lists and creating new projects for this blog with my absolute favourite Campfire Treat candle burning away is pure bliss. I know having long lists sound like a pain in the butt but just sitting around doing nothing drives me nuts. (okay, that was an unintended rhyme) Currently working on a new project at 1am in the morning and it's kinda exciting! Really can't wait to reveal what it is but good things are worth the wait aye?



Monday, July 7


These are some of the photos I took in New York from almost 2 months back. Enjoy!



Sunday, July 6


Spent the day at downtown San Jose, we: 1. visited the museum 2. grabbed Starbucks 3. pretended to be buskers 4. had Thai for dinner. While walking into the museum, we were greeted by this huge board with a message that said, "Photography is allowed for exhibits only on this floor. Do share via Instgram, Twitter, Facebook and use the hashtags: #youcallthatart? #evenmykidcandothat." There were more funny hashtags but sadly I can only remember this two.

Currently trying to work on a cleaner blog layout (...any good designers out there? SOS) while wishing time would fly by 11 hours to lunchtime. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the best tacos ever.  mmmmm

wearing: H&M hat, ASOS shirt, Kate Spade bag, thrifted leggings.



Wednesday, July 2


Good morning California! ~ I sound like the a.m show or something but anyhow! Thought I'd like to share my breakfast with you guys. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't what I eat every morning as sometimes sleeping in just seem like the best option ever. Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I kinda agree? I feel like the day kickstarts right after a wholesome brekkie. 

So what's cookin', good lookin'? 

1. Strawberry yogurt with blueberries, blackberries & sliced bananas.
2. Wholegrain toast topped with turkey ham, swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto.
3. Eggs + spam with cherry tomatoes on the side.
4. Drink: Low-fat milk.

Here's to better breakfasts days!



Monday, June 30


Drove up to Sacramento to visit an Alpaca farm and I almost died from the fluffiness, still can't get over the softness of the fur. It was a long drive but so worth it, the weather sucked though. It's 2.30am and I realise I'm having this late night blogging tendency... Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the post! 

wearing: Asos hat, Topshop cross back top, Thrifted denim shorts, Windsor Smith shoes