Sunday, March 30


What we ordered: Lavendar Latte, Pancake Stack and Eggs on Toast. 
Gave this cafe a try only because the cafe that we initially planned to eat at was closed. We would be my cousin Gabriel and myself. We met for some catching up and to shoot as he recently just got back from London. We found that the food was quite pricey as the dishes served were pretty much something we could whip up at home. Also came to a realisation that this blog has been quiet for quite some time. I post more regularly on my Instagram so you view my updates on that platform for now. For now meaning till I graduate which is really soon and I'm s t o k e d. Can't help but to leave this blog as it is (period) due to my major final year project but! I have so much more to share here in just 44 days time. It is going to be a really big step for me and also another step closer to realising my dreams. Just 44 days left and I'm almost on the edge of my seat, dying to reveal what I'll be sharing here.  Sadly for now, I'll just have to contain my excitement for the highlight of my 2014.

The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road

p.s: the giveaway is still ongoing till 10th April!


Saturday, March 8


I've not done a giveaway on my blog for the longest time so here's one in collaboration with the very talented Anita from Envet. The bracelets will be up for sale on my store very soon as well. But here's how you can win a bracelet from Envet by following the steps below:

1) Follow @amebeverly, @envet_ & @ilovebeverlyville on Instagram.
2) Like I Love Beverly Ville & Envet's Facebook page here & here.
3) Optional: Repost any of these photos and hashtag #beverlyvilleXenvet on Instagram. 
4) Comment on the giveaway post on any of the above Instagram accounts with: "I want a bracelet! #beverlyvilleXenvet" to let us know you're done with the steps.

This giveaway is applicable worldwide.

Good luck and have a good week ahead!


Monday, February 24


Wearing: Topshop sweater and skirt, I Love Beverly Ville headband, Lovisa rings, Nastygal boots.

Yes, I'm finally back here, sorry for my absence. Shot these set of photos awhile ago with Gabriel but I swear there wasn't even a good 20 minutes in my schedule to blog. I'm finally having a week (kinda because there's only 4 days left) break and I really want to go on a vacation. But who am I kidding right... Will be using this short break to shoot more, can't wait to share them here!


Wednesday, January 15


Wearing: Smiley snapback, I Love Beverly Ville slit back tank and sunnies, The Scarlet Room jogger shorts, Topshop shoes

I'm a sucker for shoes with platform just that my judgement for this pair were slightly off. My toes were crying for help in less than 2 hours and I ended up buying myself a pair of flip flops. I actually have quite a number of posts queued up on my dashboard waiting to be published but a part of me feel like they need some adjustments? Ah well, can't wait for the weekend!

Happy midweek xx

Wednesday, January 8


Wearing: Vintage wine hat, Zara quilted leather jacket and tassel chain bag, MarketHQ dress, Topshop platform sneakers

This leather baby is one of my best finds from Zara and I absolutely had no regrets burning a hole in my pocket getting it. First week of school has been great so far; rare to see myself wearing dresses but I felt this whole outfit put together gave me the 'collegiate life' look. Best part of college is that I get Wednesdays off, yayerz. It's almost the end of the week but I can't help feeling that time is flying by way too quickly.. hmm


Tuesday, December 31


Thoughts of 2013 as it is also the last day of the year. Before I move on with that, I know this is supposed to be my gifts post, but I received some late birthday gifts so it's gonna take awhile more before I post it up here! If you have no clue what I'm rambling on about, I posted a photo on my Instagram (@Amebeverly) with some of my birthday gifts and captioned that this post will be showing you guys what I received for my birthday! Moving on to my thoughts on 2013, it has indeed been a great year. This is not going to be a looong post that people usually type on the last day of the year as my hot chocolate is really just getting cold and my movie is on pause. Short and sweet is what you're gonna get. Well to start off, I'm really glad to have made real and true pals that I can keep in my life when I came to college. I've gotten so much stronger as a person with the love and motivation from my Mom and my boyfriend, Dan. My Dad, for teaching me muay thai for self-defence and irritating us at the dinner table with your entertaining "I'm full" improvised dances that you come up with once in awhile.  My sisters, the crazy two princesses in my life that I will never give up for anything else and I absolutely cannot wait to be reunited with them next summer. I'm also thankful for having this blog to share my likes and life since 2008 and I'm actually quite surprised I kept to this name for 5 years.

Happy 2014 to everyone and have a magical year ahead.


Monday, December 23


Wearing: H&M beanie, Zara sweater, I Love Beverly Ville denim skorts (coming soon)

Christmas is in 2 days and I can't help but feel like a little girl all over again, getting anxious and stealing peeks into all the perfectly wrapped presents under the tree. I absolutely love the weather, it's perfect for sweaters and getting cosy in bed with a book, a big cup of hot chocolate and of course marshmallows! I've been so busy this December, mostly with my store, my birthday celebration and Christmas shopping which I will elaborate more in my next post!

Stay with me till then!


Wednesday, December 18


Hand painted christmas nails / Breakfast treats served in bed / Newest addition to my bag collection and loooovin' it / Keeping warm with new knits and also coming soon to the store / Out of focus christmas lights that I look forward snapping every Christmas