February 29, 2016


It's an hour past midnight, I've been itching to write this post for the longest time. I've always been writing about traveling, outfits, favourites and bits and bobs, but today's post is dedicated to the love of my life, Dan.

It was 1 week into college, everything was going smoothly and everyone has made friends in class. I was happy, with my new found friends thinking that these are the people I will be hanging out with, for the next 3 years in college. All those thoughts poofed into thin air when the lecturer unexpectedly informed me that I was needed to transfer to another class immediately. I felt crushed, "Great, why now? Right when everyone has already made friends."

Little did I know that a great friendship was about to begin. I followed the lecturer to the new class, who then explained that I was joining them for the rest of the year. Let's fast forward the awkward introduction. My new lecturer then said to the curly-haired boy standing next to me, "Dan, don't bully the new girl!" I looked over my shoulder and gave him an embarrassed awkward smile. "What a great start, being labelled as the 'New Girl'". Thankfully, it was a short briefing and there was a break. I scrambled off quickly, looking for familiar faces. 

While I was looking for my friends, I ran into the curly-haired boy. He smiled and said, "Hi you're Amelyn right? I'm Dan." I was very surprised that he knew my name, so I said, "Hi, yes! Nice to meet you!" and shook his hand. He explained that one of the guys in the group that I was from in the previous class, used to be his Secondary school classmate. I remembered feeling relieved while he introduced me to the friends he've made in the new class. 

We hung out as a group, had lunch, group projects, stayed behind; all 5 of us together. The weekends too, from cycling, picnics, movie marathons into the wee hours of the morning. Dan and I got really close and we started going out separately, we shared secrets and stories from our past to present. We stayed up till 5-6am trying to complete never ending projects. We slept for barely 1-2 hours before heading to 9am classes. I knew he had my back and he knew I had his. I broke down a couple of times due to the stress I had from all the piling projects but he never once gave up on me. He guided and helped me throughout the final year projects. We made it, and it was time to celebrate with the December holidays.

We hung out even more, my Birthday followed by Christmas and the New Year. He was the best friend I never knew would have existed. Chinese New Year came by and my parents were out of town. He came over and I remembered him peeling off the skin of the oranges for me while we watched the TV. We went to the beach a lot, those were the moments we have our heart to heart talks. For hours, we laid by the sand till nightfall. We watched the stars while I laid on his chest. I broke the silence and asked him, "Are we too close? I don't want to ruin this great relationship we have." He said he was not uncomfortable and to just go with the flow. 

Year 2 of college came, but we were no longer in the same class. It was a very different year without him. He was in 2D Animation and I was in Fashion Design, we tried to meet up for lunch as much as we could. The cycle of sleepless nights, the tired blank stares into space... I was glad that he was still there. He was exactly what I needed during what seemed like the craziest and most exhausting time of my life. 

Somehow, among all the crazy classes and late night heart to heart talks, we fell in love. 4 years ago, on this day, you held my hand. I still fall in love with you every single day. Remembered the time when my sandals snapped, and you piggybacked me home without letting me get off your back till we were at my doorstep? I don't know how I had such crappy shoes but do you also remember when you gave me your slippers at school and took the train home barefooted? I mean, who would do that? Especially when we live in a society so judgmental and superficial. You have such a pure soul which makes me fall in love with you all over again, every single time. The way you save the snails from being crushed on the pavement to helping out everyone and anyone you can. Your creativity, your crazy talented drawing skills, the way you get along with my family and friends so very well, how you hang out with my dad for Muay Thai classes, the list goes on and on...

Ultimately, thank you for loving me as I am, for seeing the world with me, motivating me and most importantly; teaching me how to be equals in this relationship. From our biggest argument in 2014 back in the States, I'm happy to say we've only had 3 small arguments from then till now. Because of you, we are so strong together. I love you so much, my dearest Dan.
LASALLE Convocation 2014
The best 2.5 month-long adventure in USA.
London kisses to Santa Monica piggyback rides.
Thank you for being just you, Happy 4th Anniversary my love! x

With my deepest love,

p.s: please excuse any broken sentences or grammatical errors. It's 3.30am. 


  1. Oh my god! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday bash. I wish you a year full of joy and fun. Your trip seemed rocking. I too want to visit such cool places with my fiancé. Currently we are making plans for our engagement at some of beachside venues. I hope everything will look perfect that day.

  2. hi. i really like your top in the first picture. could u tell me where did you get that? thank you