August 13, 2014


These photos were snapped 2 days before I left the States, definitely having post California/New York withdrawals from looking back at the adventures I had from May till last week. Will definitely do up videos of my travel diaries, but it's gonna take me awhile because I have over a 100 (I'm not even kidding) videos that I shot. Missing my family, the weather, the atmosphere, the barbeques in the backyard, driving 45 minutes just to get  the best tacos, not forgetting In-N-Out, oh the list will go on and on. I feel so blessed to be able to have Dan with me during this time, for him to meet the people I keep close to my heart. We have been on 4 trips together and this is the most memorable one yet, I may just have a post about us two or maybe not? Have a lovely week ahead!

wearing: Zara crop top, Urban Outfitters suspender skirt, Marc Jacobs watch, Windsor Smith slides. Photos by Dan.


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