July 09, 2019


Dreaming about Greece all over again while I write this post. The Greek islands exceeded our expectations and we can't wait to return already! 


Since it was our first time in Greece, we had to make a stop in Athens. We wanted to explore the capital and learn more about the Acropolis of Athens. Dan and I only had 1 full day in Athens so we explored the city. We stayed in an Airbnb and we took the local trains to get to the city. Once we were in the city, we explored everywhere by foot. There were so much to see in the city centre, there are the big shopping streets with stores like H&M, Zara, etc. And through the little streets, you'll find many stores selling jewellery and souvenirs.



After exploring Athens, it was time to discover the Greek islands. As first-timers in Greece, we picked 3 islands to visit. Of course we had to visit the famous two islands: Santorini and Mykonos, we picked Milos for our last island as we heard so many good things about it. We took a very short flight from Athens to Santorini.

When we landed in Santorini, we arranged with our Airbnb host to pick us up at the airport. We decided to stay in Pyrgos, a town a little less touristy and crowded. We got around in Santorini by the local bus. It was easy and very affordable (1.80 per person per bus ride).


We stayed in a little traditional cave house in Pyrgos, it was really nice and very spacious. Our host, Dimitria was so lovely and she prepared so much food in the fridge for us. You can check out Dimitria's home here and get $45 off your first home booking via this link!


For our second night in Pyrgos, we chose to stay in a traditional Cycladic style home. This was the home that sooo many of you asked me about when I posted the tour on my Instagram Stories! Valsamo Santorini has different homes for you to choose from, the one I stayed in is called the Bakaliko.

Santorini is exactly how I pictured it, it's literally the same as the photos you see everywhere. We took a local bus from Pyrgos to Fira, and then from Fira to Oia (20-30mins).


Oia is the heart of Santorini, it's very pretty and every corner is picture perfect. It's the tourist town of Santorini and there are shops and restaurants at every turn. We didn't have a specific 'guide' or 'list' for   Oia. We just walked and explored, got lost and then found ourselves familiarising with the town after a few hours. We kept finding new photo spots at every turn so just walk everywhere, enjoy a gelato and wear comfortable shoes! 

We were invited by Katikies Hotel to have lunch and we also got to enjoy a sunset on one of the roofs that same evening. They have one of the best and unobstructed pool views in Oia, Santorini.

After 2 nights in Santorini, we took a ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. We booked our tickets online with Seajets and collected our tickets from the office in Fira. The office was right by the corner of the  main bus station so it was pretty convenient!

I've heard so much about how Mykonos is a night/party town but I honestly did not get that vibe at all! I loved walking around in the town and finding little hidden alleys filled with flowers. We stayed in a little airbnb in the town area and we explored Mykonos by foot. We walked everywhere and it was honestly so fun. There's Little Venice, the Windmills and the Churches to explore in Mykonos.

We took a flight back to Athens from Mykonos and then to Milos. There are some people who visit Milos > Mykonos >Santorini or Milos > Santorini > Mykonos. There is no correct route, it's entirely up to you!

You can rent a car or an ATV to get around Milos, we chose to walk which was pretty crazy. There were many tourists swimming at Sarakiniko, this place is beyond beautiful. It's literally right out of a postcard. We spent about 2-3 hours here just chilling and swimming.

We also visited this beach and the waters are soooo clear it's unbelivable. We didn't take that many photos as there were other tourists tanning topless so we were trying to be considerate!

Also if you were following our journey in Greece, this dish might seem familiar to you! We had this 4 times in a restaurant called Archontula in Plaka. The waiter recommended this dish to us, and right after the first bite we were hooked. This dish is called Kritamo Keftedes and it is SO delicious. The word delicious is an understatement, you just have to try it for yourself. I promise you, it's the best!


Plaka had the most beautiful sunset amongst all the islands we visited in Greece. Every evening was pure magic and we sat by a quiet corner near our Airbnb to watch the clouds paint the sky for us. Other than the beautiful sunset in Plaka, you can also walk around the town to shop and eat.


Another place you can check out is this little town called Klima. There are colourful rainbow shophouses by the beach and a restaurant that you can dine at.

And that is all that we did in Greece! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or leave me a DM! :)


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  1. Greece is the most beautiful place in the world! Great post and pictures!