June 24, 2019


Broome. Where is that? What is that? It's in Australia? I've never heard of this place before.

When you think of Australia, cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth immediately come to mind. So when I got asked by the Nas Daily team to travel to Broome, I had to google where this place is. Broome is a small town located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Did you know that Broome is only 4 hours away from Singapore via a direct flight? And in just 4 hours, you get to experience the beauty of Broome! 


Cable Beach has incredible sunsets, one of the best I've seen so far. If you're looking to have some fun along the beach, you can choose to ride camels or fly board. I didn't actually go onto the camel as I wanted to witness all the camels walking along the shore against the sunset. It was such a picture perfect scene, almost right out of a postcard.


As Broome is a town known for pearling, Streeter's Jetty is a significant landmark. It is one of the oldest, and only remaining jetty used by the pearl luggers. It is an old reconstructed wooden jetty built for the pearl luggers to deposit the 'Mother of Pearl'. 


This has got to be the best night of my trip. Our Astro Tour was hosted by Greg Quicke, aka Space Gandalf. Even though the moon was shining so brightly, we still managed to get good shots of the starry sky. We learnt so much about astronomy that night, Greg even pointed out the Scorpius constellation in the sky. I love learning about the universe and this night was truly fascinating for me.


Going on a cruise to look out for Snubfin Dolphins is another exciting thing you can do in Broome. Get treated with canapés and drinks while you embark on this 2 hours journey out to sea. Even though we saw quite a number of Snubfin Dolphins, I only managed to snap photos of the Manta rays. It was my first time seeing both Snubfin dolphins and Manta rays and I wish I was swimming with them! Towards the end of the cruise, we were blessed with yet another stunning sunset.


Into the outback about an hour and a half away Broome, you can find yourself on the most pristine beach in the Kimberley region. Eco Beach is my favourite place from the trip, and can I just say that I've never seen a beach more clean than ever. We stayed in Ramada Resort and I love the fact that the rooms have bins that separate compost and recycling materials.

Down by Eco Beach, you can enjoy a session of Mud and Bubbles with your pals. You start by exfoliating your skin with the ocean's sand and then you slather the mud all over your body. You then lay in the sun till it hardens. It is supposedly good for your skin, and the mud leaves your skin feeling refreshed and baby soft. After rinsing off all the mud, you get to enjoy a glass of champagne! 

 From the resort, you can take a scenic stroll along Eco Beach. There is not a single piece of trash on the beach, you'll only find seashells and footprints and that is what I love about Eco Beach. 

 Secret Cave 45 minutes from Ramada Resort

We headed back to our resort after a beautiful day at the beach and enjoyed the sunset from our villa at Ramada Resort.

 There is so much about Broome to discover and I will share more about dinosaurs and pearls in the next blog post!



  1. I love Broome too! We went twice last year for weddings, both were such nice little trips. The sunsets are stunning. I'll have to stay at the Eco Resort next time!
    xx Jenelle |

  2. Such a lovely article! Seems like Australia has it all, from beaches, to deserts to cruises. Even the caves look incredible.