March 23, 2018


Hi my loves! Some of you might have known from my Instagram Stories that I went through a Lasik surgery early last month. I decided to wait a little before sharing my journey with you all because I wanted to make sure that I recovered well so I can thoroughly blog about the process.

For a long time now, I have been wanting to get Lasik done as the inconveniences of wearing glasses or contact lenses is such a hassle especially for a full-time traveller. Just the thought of not having to worry about my contact lenses getting dried up in different weather conditions or forgetting to pack my glasses was liberating enough for me to take this opportunity to finally get Lasik done.

After doing my research, I decided to go with Clear Vision. I've heard many good reviews about them and Dr. Tony Ho and his years of experience assured me that I will have my eyes in good hands.

I did my surgery about a week and a half before Chinese New Year as I wanted to celebrate the festivities without having to worry about my eyes getting irritated from prolonged contact lens wear. I also had a trip to Maldives towards the end of February and I wanted to travel lightly without having to pack my contact lenses, contact lenses case, contact lenses solution and my glasses.

It was honestly the best decision I've made to go for the surgery before starting my travels for 2018.

The surgery I went for was the TransPRK procedure. TransPRK is a laser vision correction that is safe and minimally-invasive as it is surface-based (read more about TransPRK here). My surgery went extremely well - it was painless and very quick. However, I took longer than the average patient to recover. It was not until 4 days that I was able to fully open my eyes and go about my normal day. I was extremely concerned and worried so Dan would take me in to see Dr. Ho everyday. He did thorough checks on my eyes and assured me that there were no infections or complications. I was just that one special and rare case that needed a little more time to recover.

During those 4 days, I ceased using my phone and pretty much just slept and ate so I could recover quickly. I applied the prescribed eyedrops during the times that were required to. It has been about 7 weeks ever since my surgery and I am loving life with clear vision. I traveled to Maldives with perfect eyesight and it felt amazing waking up to clear blue skies and beautiful turquoise waters. I did take extra precaution while I was out in the sun and wore sunglasses everywhere I went and there were no troubles at all. I can't even remember when was the last time I travelled with perfect eyesight - it is honestly life changing.

Everyday I wake up so thankful because it truly is an amazing feeling being able to have perfect vision. The littlest things such as not ever having to deal with foggy glasses or cleaning my contact lenses makes me happy that I get to save a little more time each day. I even get excited when I'm able to read the fine prints of a sign board meters away. I'm so thrilled about my new way of life, I love that I can finally go about my day with such ease and convenience. 

I am eternally grateful for Dr. Ho and the team at Clear Vision and I highly recommend them if you are interested in getting a Lasik done. Quote 'Amelyn' at the counter for $120 off your SafeSight TransPRK package. To check your suitability, you'll need to book your pre-LASIK evaluation appointment by calling the LASIK hotline or you can email

*This post is in collaboration with Clear Vision, all my thoughts and words are 100% real.

P.s: This has got to be the best thing I did for myself yet ;)


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  1. Your post is amazing, I really enjoyed reading your blog, very informative and interesting, thank you for sharing and congratulations on your new vision!