May 23, 2017


Beverly Ville
Oh how time flies when you're traveling, can't believe it's been a month since I've updated. Definitely not neglecting this space any longer, I've got a whole load of content to share with you! 

Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville
Wearing: LPA fur coat in collaboration with REVOLVE, Sneakers from ALDO Shoes | Photos by Dan

I've been on the hunt for the perfect faux fur coat for the longest time and when I chanced upon this LPA baby, I knew that I found the coat of my dreams. Fluffy - Checked. Blush - Checked. Pockets - Checked. It has everything I was looking for in a coat, major score! And instead of layering up with so many pieces, all you need is a quality coat to keep you warm and fuzzy. REVOLVE carries a huge range of outerwear, from fur to leather to satin.. you get it. So if you are looking for one, it's the perfect time as REVOLVE is having a 3 day 20% site-wide sale, check out with [SUMMER20]!

Stay with me for more, will be updating every week! x