April 05, 2017


Beverly Ville
We took a ferry into Bruny Island (with our car) and drove around the island for a day. There were many attractions in Bruny Island, but we did not finish them all. Our first stop was Bruny Island Cheese Co where our friends bought some cheese, they also offer cheese tasting for $5! We headed to the Neck Lookout after, yet another stunner. Do check out the beach down on the left as well! Our last stop was a scenic 2 hours trail walk, watch more here! For more info on Bruny Island, click here!

Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville
Bruny Island

Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville
Zoodoo Wildlife Park

We were quite excited for this attraction as Dan is practically an animal encyclopaedia. We managed to feed a lioness, the Tasmanian devils, wallabies and some emus while we were there. We sat in a little truck while the driver took us on a very informative tour around the park. You'll be able to pat zebras, camels and get up close with Emus. (Fun fact: Did you know that the lionesses are more aggressive than male lions? They hunt to feed the pride while the male lions care for the young.)

Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville
Our Airbnb

We stayed at Mieke's little nest and it felt like a home away from home. We were woken up by a glorious sunrise every morning and it was truly magical. We loved the little trail down to the creek from our mountain nest, definitely great for morning walks! And not forgetting Mieke's dog, Lulu -she was really good at fetch and also the sweetest dog ever.

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And, that is the end of my trip to Tasmania! I hope this was helpful, it was my first time and definitely not my last! Will be returning to head to places that I didn't get to go. Tassie is a beautiful place and it was truly memorable.

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  2. What an amazing place to visit. Absolutely stunning pictures, will need to add Tasmania on the list of places to see. Thanks for the share!