Tuesday, April 4


Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville
Mount Wellington

As you guys have already seen from the previous post, Mount Wellington is a stunner. It is very accessible from the city and we drove right up to the top. The air was so fresh while the view overlooking Hobart was breathtaking. Also do remember to check the weather forecast before heading up, you don't want to be disappointed if all you're going to see are clouds! We went in the summer so the weather was perfect for us! 

Beverly Ville Beverly Ville Beverly Ville
Frogmore Creek Winery

The food tasted just as good as how it looks, also possibly the fanciest dish I've ever ordered. The menu offers selections from the Sea, Land and Garden and I have to say, the service at Frogmore was impeccable. Not to mention, the view of the vines from where we dined was beautifulllll

Beverly Ville
Beverly Ville
Goat's Bluff Beach

This has got to be the highlight of the trip to Tasmania, the milky way! If it weren't for our lovely friends, never in my life would I have thought of seeing a view like that so soon. Hands down the best night of my life, caught glimpses of not one but 3 shooting stars and I was right next to the love of my life. So thank you, Aurelia, Michelle and Michael! Tip: Bring flashlights as it is really really dark, blankets too if you're going to stay awhile - we brought a huge blanket so all of us could lay under the stars 

Part 2 tomorrow night! x


  1. hi what camera or lenses that you're using to capture the Milky Way?

    1. I used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105 lens!