December 31, 2016


Beverly Ville
And here we are again, closing up another chapter whilst opening another one altogether. I'm not gonna lie, it has been a truly amazing year for me. I remember stating in last year's post that 2015 was more of a continuation into 2016 and indeed, it felt just like that. I will not be doing a photo timeline here (on Instagram Stories instead) this year, but let's take a walk down memory lane together. 

January- February: Bangkok - Chiangmai - Bangkok | March - April: USA | May: Cebu, Phillipines | June: Bangkok | July: Guangzhou, China | August: Batam | September: Vietnam | October: Batam

I've never travelled so much within a span of 10 months but I loved every moment of it. 2017 is going to be nothing short of amazing - new projects, clearer goals and exciting travels.

Beverly Ville
These are the best parts of my #2016. 

-My relationship with Dan has grown stronger than ever. 
-My eldest sister Amanda, got married in the States, and I had the honour of being one of her bridesmaids.
- I got to snowboard with Dan and my family for the first time.
- I've travelled to beautiful cities with amazing friends.
- I've lost some friends but I feel lighter and happier.
- I have my dream room to work and create in.
- I've had the best ever Birthday and Christmas celebrations with loved ones whom I hold so dear to my heart.
- Knowing that there is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love.

In summary, I hope 2017 will be a kind and fulfilling year for all of you reading this. Remember, make space for what matters and you have to do what you dream of doing even while you're afraid đź’«

Beverly Ville
Rio Red Silk V-Neck Slip Dress in collaboration with GRANA. (AMELYNxGRANA for 10% off) | Photos by Dan.

See you in the next year, all my love x


  1. Such pretty little sparklers! Gorgeous location for a shoot! | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


    1. Thank you Kristen, they were the hardest little things to light up though! xx

  2. I love this dress! I wore it on Christmas Eve. Such a big year for you! Here is to the next!
    xx Jenelle

    1. You must've looked beautiful in red! Thank you, Happy New Year Jenelle! :) <3

  3. Nice photos dear ;)

  4. Pretty looking :) Have a great year :)