Saturday, December 31


Beverly Ville
And here we are again, closing up another chapter whilst opening another one altogether. I'm not gonna lie, it has been a truly amazing year for me. I remember stating in last year's post that 2015 was more of a continuation into 2016 and indeed, it felt just like that. I will not be doing a photo timeline here (on Instagram Stories instead) this year, but let's take a walk down memory lane together. 

January- February: Bangkok - Chiangmai - Bangkok | March - April: USA | May: Cebu, Phillipines | June: Bangkok | July: Guangzhou, China | August: Batam | September: Vietnam | October: Batam

I've never travelled so much within a span of 10 months but I loved every moment of it. 2017 is going to be nothing short of amazing - new projects, clearer goals and exciting travels.

Beverly Ville
These are the best parts of my #2016. 

-My relationship with Dan has grown stronger than ever. 
-My eldest sister Amanda, got married in the States, and I had the honour of being one of her bridesmaids.
- I got to snowboard with Dan and my family for the first time.
- I've travelled to beautiful cities with amazing friends.
- I've lost some friends but I feel lighter and happier.
- I have my dream room to work and create in.
- I've had the best ever Birthday and Christmas celebrations with loved ones whom I hold so dear to my heart.
- Knowing that there is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love.

In summary, I hope 2017 will be a kind and fulfilling year for all of you reading this. Remember, make space for what matters and you have to do what you dream of doing even while you're afraid 💫

Beverly Ville
Rio Red Silk V-Neck Slip Dress in collaboration with GRANA. (AMELYNxGRANA for 10% off) | Photos by Dan.

See you in the next year, all my love x


  1. Such pretty little sparklers! Gorgeous location for a shoot! | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


    1. Thank you Kristen, they were the hardest little things to light up though! xx

  2. I love this dress! I wore it on Christmas Eve. Such a big year for you! Here is to the next!
    xx Jenelle

    1. You must've looked beautiful in red! Thank you, Happy New Year Jenelle! :) <3

  3. Nice photos dear ;)

  4. Pretty looking :) Have a great year :)