January 08, 2016



First post of 2016! 

Funny how the brain works. People usually get inspired only on the last days of the year, and start scribbling endless "new year resolutions" (let's be honest, all will be forgotten in probably a month or two). I used to be like that and I didn't realise it became a yearly bad habit.

The end of 2015 was really different for me this time, I didn't feel like the year was ending, it felt more of a continuation. For once, I did not create unrealistic goals and I only cleared out on my bedroom 2 days after 2016 began. I mean you don't need a date to remind you what to do. Do as you wish, on whatever date you like. Don't hop onto the "New Year, New Me" bandwagon. You can be a "new you" at any point of time, why wait till the first day of every year?  Or you could simply just, be yourself.

I also started to find out what I truly wanted in life. It has never been clearer and I am working on making it happen. It may take me months or even years to achieve it, but if I don't start now, I'll never get it. Of course, I'll take in and learn whatever that comes my way during the journey and know that not everything is about the destination. 

I wish everyone a very positive and bright 2016! Remember, good vibes only.



  1. I like that way of thinking, as a "continuation". I agree, I think 2015 was a great year and I don't really want to start from new. I like the idea of continuing a good year and then just doing better from there.

    (Love your nails!)


    COFFEESLAG For Love & Lemons

  2. lovely post! I agree that 2016 is just a continuation of journey from 2015!