Sunday, February 15


Yes I'm wearing pink! And cheers to you if #01 and #02 of my 21 facts crossed your mind. Filled my closet with more pink recently so I guess you guys will be seeing more of me in that color! Have been dressing for the weather lately, it's so humid in Singapore. Just 6 more days till I get to layer up to my heart's content. So how did you guys spend your Valentine's Day? Dan and I spent our day at the beach soaking up some Vitamin D and we had MacDonald's for dinner after. No need for fancy candlelit dinners with rose petals scattered across the table or huge overpriced bouquets. Just his company itself makes me really happy. Oh and how cute is this little faux fur cross body purse? I fell in love with it ever since I received it as one of my birthday gifts. Little bags are my life and it's also a great way to carry less. Will be working on 2 more posts before I fly off. Stay with me!

photos by Alissa

All my love, always.



  1. Your outfit is so gorgeous! And I love your photos as well- dang, your blog is just stunning! :O

  2. These colors look stunning against the all white background. I really like how soft this look is, and those sandals look very versatile!


  3. Nice oufits! xoxo