December 26, 2014


Here are some snaps from my 21st birthday! It was everything I wanted, yes including secretly wanting to be a princess since always. Why not make it happen for a day instead of never right? Remember to chase after what you want, be who you want, work hard towards your goals, love all and stay gold forever. This is probably the 100th time I've said this but 2014 is really the best year so far, I've never been happier. I should make a timeline of why this year has been great huh, yes I shall and it'll be saved for the last day of 2014. It's 5am right now and I hear all the thoughts running in my head so much so that I need to babble them all out. Please mind if this post doesn't flow well. I came to a realisation that you become what you practice most. If you're constantly sour/frustrated towards most things, your life will be a reflection of what you practice. It's like my secret mantra, to know the power of your own thoughts. Always start the day with a smile, plus it's Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year where everyone should be merry and bright. - yes I just combined two song lyrics together, oops. 

I did mention that I was going to do up a 21 random facts about me entry when I turn 21. So here goes!

 If it isn't obvious enough my favourite color is pink(1), but I rarely wear pink unless it's pastel pink(2). I also love silver and gold(3). I am in love with New York, the city stole my heart(4). If you know me well enough, I am a hopeless wanderlust, I would travel the world if I could(5). I read when I'm upset(6), I love reading novels. I hate the loud flush of the toilet from the plane(7). I also hate having the window seat during long flights but I love the view(8), the irony I know. I am obsessed with lights(9), not like a random light on the street but fairy/christmas lights and lights from the city when it's night time. I enjoy sleeping a lot(10), I literally don't have a night life because I prefer to be snuggling up under my sheets with a good book or movie. I love anything that sparkles(11), I will be instantly attracted to it. My next goal is to own a pastel pink bicycle with a weaved basket(12) and ride down the streets of London or Paris. I love the sound of rain(13) but I really dislike being caught in it. The only fantasy movie that I really really like is Harry Potter(14), I can watch them all again and again and no I don't get sick of it. I guess I'm just marvelled by all the little details and creatures. I have a really weird habit of tidying up a messy area like at work or at Dan's place, but my room is not neat(15). I enjoy watercoloring portraits(16), I feel so much at peace while painting. I love teddy bears and I have different ones from all over the world(17). I take photos of almost every single thing, from the food I eat to almost anything(18). I love scented candles(19), my favourite is campfire treat from Yankee Candle. I really love waking up to a good breakfast(20), and if pancakes or waffles are included, my day is made. I love flowers(21), I wish I could buy a bouquet of my favourite flowers every now and then but flowers are way too expensive here.

Those are my 21 random facts, enjoy the rest of the pictures and have a magical Christmas!


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  1. Your cake, decorations, everything look amazing! Happy birthday!