September 28, 2014


Unbelievable at how time flies, it's almost the end of September and just three posts ago, it was still the month of August. This shows 
how much I've not been blogging, have been so caught up with work, odd jobs and personal projects. And as you may have noticed, 
I'm wearing the same tee from the previous post. Can't help it, it's my new favourite basic. Started off the day having brunch with Eug at 
Common Man Coffee Roasters. I've a thing for breakfast foods compared to well, rice and such. Unless you're talking about sushi, 
that's a whole different story. I'd pick waffles and pancakes over noodles anytime. 

I'm trying to wear more skirts out, despite the fact that I'm a total klutz. I recently did a collaboration with a very awesome store, and 
instead of picking out my usual comfort shorts/pants, I went for dresses and skirts instead. I guess I have the humidity to thank for since 
it is too darn warm for anything body/leg hugging. I'll be going on 2 short trips next month and I hope the sun will be more merciful, the 
last thing I need is to be drenched in perspiration.

Wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch tee, Topshop skirt, New Look bag, Ray Ban sunglasses. Photos by Eugene.



  1. I love your outfit! I've been trying to wear more skirts too… I'm so attached to my jeans!


  2. Just discovered your blog through and article we were both featured in! I love it, such inspirational style!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog