July 06, 2014


Spent the day at downtown San Jose, we: 1. visited the museum 2. grabbed Starbucks 3. pretended to be buskers 4. had Thai for dinner. While walking into the museum, we were greeted by this huge board with a message that said, "Photography is allowed for exhibits only on this floor. Do share via Instgram, Twitter, Facebook and use the hashtags: #youcallthatart? #evenmykidcandothat." There were more funny hashtags but sadly I can only remember this two.

Currently trying to work on a cleaner blog layout (...any good designers out there? SOS) while wishing time would fly by 11 hours to lunchtime. I can't wait to sink my teeth into the best tacos ever.  mmmmm

wearing: H&M hat, ASOS shirt, Kate Spade bag, thrifted leggings.