June 21, 2014


I've been wanting to draft up this post in what seems like forever and I finally got around to doing it. Well if it already isn't obvious enough, this post is just a simple guide of what I pack into my luggage when I travel. Some may call it the 'what's in my bag' post but for me its gonna be the 'what's in my luggage' post. Let's get started shall we? 

All aboard! These are my must-haves when I get onto the plane.
1. Macbook - for when nothing else is available for entertainment, you have your best show ever with you for the next 18 hours. 
2. Cardigan - even if you don't need it, just bring it as you'll never know when it gets cold.
3. Cuddle buddy - I always bring one on board just because I need something to hug especially on long flights.
4. Eye mask - isn't it reaaaaally frustrating when the passenger beside you decides to switch on the reading light when you're trying to get some sleep?
5. Notebook/Passport/Purse/iPhone - I like having my notebook with me at all times, I have this old habit of doodling and jotting down ideas and making lists when I get bored up in the clouds. And of course a smaller purse from your usual as you don't need everything. 
6. Polaroid + Camera lenses - I bring all my lenses on board with me as you don't wanna check them in trust me.
7. Moisturiser - the air can get really dry in the plane and this is when moisturiser is your best friend.
8. Watch - Always good to have one! No explanation needed.
9. A little purse or in my case a sparkly one to keep all your other little knick knacks.

I need to have my accessories with me when I travel, need.
1. Hat - for bad hair days and it just makes a simple outfit look better.
2. Minnie Ears - of course not forgetting this when you're visiting a country with a Disney Park! 
3. Beauty Package - perfumes, body mists, nail polishes, lip sticks and the list goes on.
4. Headband - I always pack in one, even if I don't use it.
5. Sun Busters - it's summer time, bring a variety! 
6. Cap - for when the hat isn't appropriate you have an alternative? or maybe I just overpack.
7. Socks - do we really need knee high socks... I guess I do.

Let's go to the beach-each~ 
1. Float - the best pretzel ever to lie on and bask in some vitamin D.
2. Swim suit - I prefer mine to be mismatched so some lace and watermelons it is.
3. Bag - what's better than a pineapple bag to go with summer!
4. Sun Buster - a must, you don't wanna be frowning all the time.
5. Cap - Unless you wanna fry some eggs on your head...
6. Undies - if you do have undies just for summer like me, of course you pack it in.
7. Chunky platforms - for the poolside this is a yes, for the sand - a no-no. flip flops maybe?

Clothes of course. Above is what I personally like to pack in during the summer. 
1. Cropped tees 
2. Loose tops 
3. Airy shorts
4. High-rise cheekies 

...and this is the end of my travel guide, hope you guys enjoyed it! Pardon the slight pixelation of the photos, if it was noticeable. It usually doesn't pixelate but I have no idea why it does this time, hmm. Drafting up my next post in a minute and I'm praying there'll be no pixelation issues, oh yes I just created another platform for questions other than through email. so start questioning curious ones.

i'm out!