June 22, 2014


Spent my Saturday rolling in bed, playing dress up and shooting for I Love Beverly Ville in the backyard, while my sisters baked banana oat muffins. It felt like the longest yet slowest day ever and only understood why when my sis said today is summer solstice. For those who don't know what summer solstice is... Summer solstice is the astronomical phenomenon that occurs on the longest day of the year. Science and its astronomical wonders aside, I realised its been hella long since I did photoshoots like this one. I remember way back before I started college, I'll have all these little crazy ideas in my mind to shoot for my blog. I still recall wearing DIYed bows on my head, drawing moustaches above my lips, wearing humungous heart shaped sunnies with all the crazy props here and there. If I ever do find all those photos, I'll probably do a collage and share it here? hmm