March 05, 2015


Bonjour! Arrived in Paris a few days ago and the wifi is better here than in London so here's a new post! I honestly lost track of the number of croissants, macarons and hot chocolates I had over the last few days. I'm leaving back to London in a couple of hours and I'm a little sad to leave Paris, I made 2 new friends here who I got the best advice from about what I want to do in life. It feels really heart-warming, knowing that people believe in me even when we were complete strangers a few days ago. People like them give me strength to continue to do what I love, even if others are against it. I mean, I really can't imagine myself having a desk with a 9-5 work life.

So... who is up for another croissant and some jam? Oui oui!

 photos by Dan.

Au revoir! 

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