March 14, 2015


Title reflecting on my coats for the next couple of posts. It was 2 weeks in London, 4 days in Paris and let's face it.. I can only bring 3 to 4 coats before my luggage is being filled completely. Went to Covent Garden and to my disappointment, it wasn't how I remembered it to be from the last time I visited. Well, I'm back in sunny Singapore and the week's rest was very much needed. This afternoon was spent hanging out with my good friends over a bowl of laksa, hot wings and ice cream. Also realised the humidity is really getting to me which resulted in a 11am appointment to the salon tomorrow. 

I'm also really bothered by how my images and text are not all aligned. trying to do slight changes to this blog over time and this is definitely one I need to work on. What I'm not working on is my current addiction to the latest Arrow/Flash series. Downloaded a new episode and it's waiting for me, till next time my loves!

wearing: Stradivarius fur coat, Topshop sweater, Abercrombie & Fitch jeans, Kate Spade bag, New Look boots. Photos by Dan.

All my love!

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