October 20, 2018


So Dan and I found ourselves back in Japan for the second time this year, and for this trip we explored Hiroshima all thanks to Silk Air! Let's go!

SilkAir Business Class

We had the luxury of flying home via Business Class and it was such a joy to fly. When we boarded, we were served with welcome drinks and light snacks before taking off. I was really excited for breakfast and SilkAir Studio - the in-flight entertainment app. There is such a huge variety of movie categories to choose from and I watched 3 movies while flying home. Dan and I pre-selected our meals before boarding and we ordered the Blueberry Pancakes and Oriental Noodles. Did you know you can pre-select your meals online before your flight from the All-Time Favourites section? 

SilkAir Economy Class

Miyajima Island

 On our first full day in Hiroshima, we spent our entire day on Miyajima Island. It was a really foggy day while we were on the island. We visited the Itsukushima Shrine, also known as the 'floating' shrine, followed by a walk in Momiji-dani-koen Park. Momoiji-dani-koen Park is named for the superb maple trees that burst into fiery reds and yellows in the fall foliage season. We also took the Miyajima Ropeway up to Mount Misen; however due to the really foggy weather, we were not able to see anything. There are also wild deers on the island, and it is advised not to feed them.

Hatago Sakura Hotel, Hatsukaichi

We stayed in Hatago Sakura for 2 nights, it was just 5 minutes walking distance to the Miyahama Hot Springs. The hot springs overlook the Seto Inland Sea, I couldn't take any photos in the hot springs but this is the view you'll get to enjoy! We flew our drone (with permission) from Hatago Sakura, to get the perfect panoramic shot of the sea.

Serakogen Farm 

After posting these series of photos on Instagram, I received a lot of questions on where this flower field was and the directions to get there. This is the Serakogen Farm, and the current flowers that are in seasons are Dahlias. The Dahlia season is till the 28th of this month, however the Roses are also in season! For more information about the flowers, you can visit their website. While this farm is a little farther out from the city, it is worth the travel there. 

Getting there via the Sera district Shuttle Bus 

From Hiroshima Bus Center, take Bus no6. Tickets can be purchased on the day at Hiroshima bus centre ticket counter near Platform 4 or 5. There is a travel Information Center with English-speaking staff. Bus departs from Hiroshima bus center at 8am. 

Round trip shuttle service: Sera roadside station > Sera Farm Park > Sera lily farm > Sera Taiho fruit farm > Ssera roadside station. This round bus has a set route from Hiroshima bus station as well.

You may also hire a taxi to get there. Even though it is more expensive, it is a lot more convenient!

Cycling around Hiroshima City

On the third day, Dan and I rented bikes and cycled along the riverside route from Central park (Chuo-koen) which was near the Sorazaya-bashi bridge. It lead us on a winding path over looking the river views, we cycled past temples, apartments, and trains passing on bridges above us. It was a really nice experience for us to take in the local atmosphere in Hiroshima. We stopped whenever we wanted to sightsee, shop or to eat, it was so convenient for us to get around the city. 

Candeo Hotel 
While in the city, Dan and I stayed in Candeo Hotel. The sky spa was the highlight of this accomodation, you get to enjoy this feature when you're a guest of this hotel!

Our Hiroshima adventure was short yet sweet, from running through flower fields to cycling through the city, we most definitely had a hella good time x

Watch our Hiroshima adventure:


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