April 04, 2018


 Hi my loves, let me show you a lil peek into my bedroom! I've been wanting to do a room tour video on YouTube for a longgg while now, but perfectionism got the better of me. I promise it will be up by May after my travels! In the meantime, let me present you with my humble abode!

Here's an overall view of my bedroom when you walk in, you can't really see my office space in this shot, but you can view that post here. My bedroom reflects my personality most accurately. From interior and furniture choices, colors, little bits and bobs; everything in my room has a touch of Amelyn. Most of my furniture are customized and sourced from around the world. When I travel, I love bringing home a souvenir with me. It can range from a small trinket box to an ornate mirror, it could be anything that's able to fit my room's aesthetic.

Here's my vanity area, I got this mirror from a market in Thailand. It was pretty huge, I had to arrange for a cargo to ship it back home. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and I knew how it would fit my room perfectly. I've always had a soft spot for French/Victorian interior, and I thank all my lucky stars for stumbling across this mirror.

My favourite place to unwind and read is on my bed. I usually read before I sleep, so I had track lights installed above my bed. I'm also the kind of girl that needs a sea of pillows for a good night's sleep, I currently have 5 on my bed and I still don't think they're enough (oops). 

I made sure my space was exactly the way I wanted it to be. Before the renovation, the interior designer we hired gave out ideas and sketches of my bedroom that do not reflect my personality at all. All I saw from those sketches was a luxe hotel room and I did not like it one bit. I think the environment around you is very important when it comes to your day's productivity and mood. I find myself focusing more than usual when I work in my room and I wake up happy every morning. 

I try my best to keep my room organized, my Sister taught me to have a space for every thing in my room. My bag will always be on the rack when I come home, my morning cardigan will always be slung on the chair, my books will always go back to the shelf, you get the drift.. In that way, your room will always be tidy.

Wearing cardigan from GRANA.


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