May 22, 2016


Oh Sundays, don't we all have a love-hate relationship with you. The excitement when the weekends are here and then, only to realise that it's Monday again. Here's how to make the most out of your Sundays, without feeling like it was just another weekday.

Time for yourself. 

Having a little me time wouldn't hurt. Putting yourself before anyone else might just be what you need. Instead of cramming up all the lunches and brunches with your friends, save that for another time. Use this precious Sunday to do what you like! Pamper yourself, get lost into a new book and just relax, really. Here's 2 of my favourite books of all time, 1 & 2

Relax your mind and soul.

Make time to do what makes your soul happy. Treat yourself to a homemade mask, change your sheets, go for a walk or even detach yourself from social media. Do what you enjoy, be a queen for yourself! Unless you do enjoy a good thumb exercise, scrolling endlessly on your feed..

Slow down.

Remember it is YOUR day. Lounge around in your favourite sleepwear and just breathe. We spend most of our time rushing about that we often forget to just take a break. Use this time to just be a sloth before saying hello to Monday again.

How I would go about making sure I've had a great productive weekend, would be by making a list on what I'd like to accomplish. Waking up earlier definitely helps, that extra 2-3 hours could be used for tidying that corner of your bedroom that you've been pushing back because 'there's no time'. I try to complete what I'd like to do by Saturday, so I could have the ultimate and best Sunday ever.

What about you? How do you make the most of your weekends? x


Wearing: Urban Outfitters outerwear, Abercrombie & Fitch bralette | photos by Dan.