Saturday, April 4


Photos by Dan

Current situation: Snuggled in bed with a cup of tea while planning out the itinerary for my next trip to Thailand in May. Things are going to change tremendously for me after the coming 2 weeks and I'm not sure how I am going to cope. Can't say much about it yet but I figured that being busy helps a lot. My organiser is pretty filled up with to-dos, brunch meet ups with friends, events, work and not forgetting quality time at home and with Dan. Shall take some time this weekend to tidy up the mess on my table, cook some waffles with my Mickey waffle maker and get started on my new novel. Sounds like a great weekend already, hope you guys have a good one too!

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All my love, x



  1. Love everything you’re wearing – and I love those extra photos!ブランド服

  2. I love your sweaters in this post and the combination of the wine red scarf with the pink coat! Its so hard to dress fashionably in freezing weather thoughh.