July 09, 2011

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I think I'll be doing this every 2 months or so, haven't decided yet! Well, here's how this Q&A will work! You can leave me questions on my Formspring and I'll be answering them here on Beverly Ville! I'll choose which questions I'd like to answer though, and I might reply by using pictures or words! This Q&A will run over 3 days and you can ask as many questions as you like and of course I'll try my very best to answer all of them! Rude/nasty comments will be ignored so you don't have to waste your time leaving those down. I'll be grouping questions into categories and yes if there are similar or questions regarding the same topic, I'll probably give a title for that post of the day! I'll be answering 10 questions (or more) a day till the 10th! To know if your questions has been answered or not, you can just check my Formspring, if your questions has been answered, it'll state "On Beverly Ville" - it means your answer is on my blog! I think this is an absolute fun way to interact with my readers! 

Well, ask away! 


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