July 08, 2011


Favorite favorite Sourdough Clam Chowder!

Took a really really long time finding my name! I can never ever find Amelyn though, kinda glad!

We stood by the street looking at these 3 guys spray painting canvases and look at the end result below!

Uncle Mike bought Amanda and I each a painting! You can see mine if you follow me on Twitter! 

And we were off to the Palace of Fine Arts, it's the most beautiful building I've seen in my life. Not counting Disneyland's Princess Castle! Look at the picture above, do you see people or walls?

And there was a wedding ceremony! So so sweet and enchanting...

Polaroids we took for the day!

It was really really cold, so I stuck with the jeans and PLaid shirt! Not forgetting an extra jacket! I had such a great time with my favorite Uncle. The Q&A is going to end soon! Can't wait to answer all the questions! 

You can go ahead and ask more here!

Enjoy your weekend!


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