June 23, 2011


I got the Purple Tee, not a big fan of Purple, but I like what's on the front! - 'Be Happy, Eat At Bubba's!'

The Table Tennis Racket Menu, you'll understand why it's a Racket when you watch the movie!

And yes, this is how you stop the waiters and waitresses by flipping the sign over to 'Stop Forrest Stop'! Once again, you'll understand this when you watch the movie!

This was what Bubba was telling Forrest that they could set up a Shrimp Restaurant and these were the combinations Bubba came up with (there's way more up there, but it's kinda blocked by the wall in front). Bubba is Forrest's friend, and that's how the name Bubba Gump came about.

This was our first stop at Monterey! Bubba Gump Shrimp Co! I finally got to eat here, my favorite Shrimp Restaurant! This restaurant was set up based on a movie, one of my favorite movies too! Here's a picture of Forrest Gump, I encourage everyone to watch this movie! I love all the quotes from this movie, very very inspiring.

And this was Forrest & I back in Winter 2009! Not a wax, not the real Tom Hanks but an impersonator! 

And next stop was 17 Mile Drive!

I had to remove my vest and replace it with my jacket as it was really really really cold. Brrrr....

And Squirrels everywhere!!! Oh my goodness, the baby ones were so adorable, I was flipping out. I took a video of them, I will post it up soon. 

And we headed off to Carmel after for tea!

We went to this little Bakery along Carmel. I love Carmel, there's so many thrift stores, all so quaint and peculiar in their own way. When you walk along Carmel, you'll feel like you're in Wonderland! I'll do another post on the thrift shopping we did after as this post will be really long if I continue it here!

Hot Chocolate but no marshmellows..

And that's it! I will do another post on all the stores and what we got from a particular store that was very queer but had such lovely lovely things.


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