June 24, 2011

See what I mean by quirky wonderland like thrift stores? 

The particular thrift store that we spent a long time in!

I wanted this Alice In Wonderland Tea Set so badly!!

Sis got this from Uncle Mike as a Graduation Gift!

Princess Chocolate Bars!

I really wanted this badly, but it was too costly..

And this too, but I read it in the store instead!

What I got instead!

I love walking down Carmel, so whimsical and fairytale-like! 

Today we went to the farm to pick Cherries and Peaches and we plucked a whole lot of good ones. It would be great if the sun wasn't so fierce... My shoulders are slightly burnt now, ah well! Pictures will be up tonight as I'm currently frying (kinda) chicken wings in the backyard. They're really good, like really good!