March 14, 2018


Hi my loves! Sharing my Arabian adventures with you from last December. The UAE was my 10th and last country of 2017 and I loved every moment of being there. Listing down all the places I covered when I was in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi below. Enjoy!

Burj Khalifa
 Burj Khalifa, also known as the highest building in the world is definitely a sight to see. We visited the Burj Khalifa around the evening, so we could catch the water show display infront of the building at night. The Burj Khalifa is located right next to The Dubai Mall which is also the biggest mall in the world (by area). There is an Aquarium in the mall, which you also can consider going on the same day when you visit the tower. To avoid long queues and ticket sell-outs, it is advisable to get your tickets online! We got the combo ticket that includes the Burj Khalifa and the Aquarium.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Honestly the prettiest garden I have ever visited in my life, it was picture perfect everywhere you turn. We got our tickets right at the gate, and it was pretty empty while we were there.

Burj Al Arab
 The 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab is also the symbol of modern Dubai. Very, very stunning but we did not stay in this exquisite hotel, we stayed with our relative during our entire time in Dubai. There are public beaches close to the Burj al Arab that give you the best picture spots!

Dubai Desert

Camel sunset rides and a dinner in the desert afterwards.. it was a perfect Arabian night. We had a pick-up from our apartment, and we were off to the desert for an unforgettable experience. The night consisted of Camel rides, a beautiful sunset, a Tanoura (Egyptian folk dance), Bellydance and Fire show, a BBQ dinner buffet and Henna painting. I would recommend this 100% if you are ever in Dubai! We got our tickets from Changi Recommends

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is located right across from where we stayed, and we decided to have a boat ride  that evening. We took the Captain Jack Dhow for our cruise around Modern Dubai, Captain Jack is a single deck dhow with bean bags for a relaxing cruise. We checked the schedules online and we bought the tickets at the Marina itself.

We also covered Garden Glow and Global Village during our time in Dubai. I highly recommend going to Global Village if you have extra time, you can find out more here.

Next up: Abu Dhabi

We took a day trip out to Abu Dhabi and we visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Emirates Palace. We did not have enough time to explore more of Abu Dhabi, but I would love to return and check out the Louvre, Abu Dhabi desert and Zaya Nurai Island.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Honestly the most stunning place I have ever seen in my life, I was blown away by how extraodinary this mosque is. I thought the Taj Mahal was beautiful enough, but when I stepped into the Sheikh Zayed mosque, my jaw dropped. There is no entrance fee to this mosque and you are able to borrow the cover-up gowns before entering.

Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is yet another beautiful hotel with stunning views of Abu Dhabi. You are able to dine in the restaurants even if you are not a guest at the hotel. However, you will not be allowed access to the beach (which has the best view of the entire palace). 

With that, I give you my Arabian adventure diary and I hope you enjoyed this post! 



  1. Hi! Am curious isit dangerous to travel there alone?? As well as the attire wise, should girls always be covered up or are we allowed to wear dresses hahaha thanks a lot for your feedbacks base on your experience!

    1. Hello, Dubai is very safe! As for your attire, try to refrain from clothing that reveals too much skin!