January 03, 2018


Hi my loves! As it is the fresh start of the new year, I want to introduce a new section onto my blog: The Love Series. What I will be writing about is none other than love, I will be sharing different topics about what I've experienced and learnt being in a relationship for the past 6 years.

This month's topic will be about Trust. If there is no trust, there is no love, it is as simple as that. Over all these years, I've not checked Dan's phone once, neither has he felt the need to check mine. We built our love based on trust, and that is one of the reasons why our relationship has been going strong for the past (coming) 6 years. Neither one of you should keep secrets from each other, even if you think it is going to hurt the him/her. Keeping secrets will build a wall between the both of you, and every secret is yet another brick added to the wall. 

How do you build your love based on trust? For me, I chose to be with Dan and let him into my life. And that means making an effort to introduce him to my family and all my friends. He did the same for me, and we both know each other's circle of friends very well. So when we hang out with our friends without each other, there is complete trust.  Dan and I do not believe in keeping secrets from each other. Cheating has never crossed our minds, because you need to be open and share everything about yourself to your partner. I shared everything about my past with Dan, even though it was scary feeling this vulnerable. If you and your partner are serious about each other, trust should be the main focus of your relationship. Share with each other everything about your past, even if you think you've got it buried deep in the ground. Trust me, it will resurface again somehow. Nothing and no one can hurt your relationship with each other once you both have opened up, because there is no longer a reason to argue about ghosts from the past. After opening up, learn to accept each other's past and move on to build a future together. When your relationship is anchored in trust, you and your partner will find it easier to overcome any form of challenge that life decides to throw at you.

Remember that you can only truly love a person you trust. Learn to love and trust with no measure, because that is what holds everything together. 



  1. Beautiful pic! :)

  2. Hello Amelyn I’ve just recently followed you on insta because your photos pop-up on my explore tab πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆπŸ’• and i really love your couple pics with your bf! Hehehe ok back to the topic! I absolutely agreed this post and me and bf we never checked each other’s phone & we both never keep secrets from each other as well!! Thank you for writing this post and I believe many couple out there need to read this too!!! πŸ’• Cheers! xx

    1. Hello Clarice, sorry I just saw your comment! Thank you for the compliments and cheers to you and your boyfriend! πŸ’•