June 15, 2011


1.SparkleBerry Bold. 2.Leopard Turnlock Wallet from ILBV. 3.Hello Kitty Bunny Pouch. 4.iPad 2 White with Juicy Couture Cover. 5.Bow Wayfarer Sunglasses. 6.Vegas Princess Lock Purse. 7.Ditsy Floral Pen from Accessorize. 8.PINK Body Mist. 9.Pink Leopard Gem Mirror. 10.Juicy Couture Key Pouch. 11. Bow Headband.

These are the more important stuff that I have to have with me when I'm out and about! 

These are some of the stuff I have in my wallet! Cash, Polaroids, Band-aids (Hello Kitty band-aid from my Best Friend!) and a Pink Glitter Coin Purse (I know... purse in a purse?!) 

The newest addition to my collection! I have another 2 new ones that I can't wait to share with you all!

An extremely cute purse that I got in Vegas! I'm a Strawberry Chapstick fan all the way! 

And Hello again!

Time for another "In My Bag Post!"

I did my first "In My Bag Post" back in December! You can read it here! If you didn't realize, I've downsized! I don't carry my iPod, KOLA Lens, Cosmetic Pouch and Hair Accessories Tin with me anymore! I kinda feel that I hardly use them, especially my iPod! I know I should not neglect that Classic, I'll probably use it if I can get to it, it's in Singapore... Oh well!

I've stayed home again today! Lazy day, just Skyping and eating and Skyping and eating...

Hope we'll hit the malls tomorrow!


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