Tuesday, January 17


Beverly Ville

Let's talk about sleeping masks shall we? From different combinations of skin types to over a hundred choices of masks to choose from, finding the perfect mask for your skin can be a real pain. I've boiled down to 3 of my all time favourites which are all quite different, and I hope this will be helpful for you! I tend to lean towards Asian skin care products as I feel it is more suitable for my skin. However, what works for me may not work as well for you! I suggest that you request for little sample bottles before purchasing the product.

Beverly Ville

1) innisfree Orchid Sleeping Pack – When I first tried this, I immediately fell in love with the scent. This mask's texture is more jelly-like based, it harnesses the potent antioxidant benefits of the Orchid Elixir to reverse damages caused by the sun, pollution, and other free radicals. I tend to reach for this the most and I use this 3-4  times a week and the scent actually puts me to sleep. My skin feels rejuvenated and fresh after using this mask.

Beverly Ville

2) Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask – Yes I know some of you may be thinking that this isn't an Asian brand. This however, works wonders for my skin. From what I'm told, I have really dehydrated skin. Sometimes I wake up and the areas around the tip of my nose and mouth are peeling. But after applying this mask, my face actually feels refreshed and moisturised in the morning - no flaky skin too. Plus, I cannot even begin to describe how delicious this mask smells, it's like an apricot/mango smoothie. p.s: I use this mask once a week.

Beverly Ville

3) LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask – Ah, this mask is probably no stranger to many. This hydrating  mask is suitable for all skin types plus it doesn't feel sticky. There is a very mild scent and one bottle lasts a long way. After using this mask, my face is visibly brighter and moisturised. I alternate between this and the innisfree Orchid mask and there's no winner. Both works equally well for my skin!

I hope this may be helpful to some of you, I'm no beauty expert and this is more of what works for my skin type!



  1. This looks nice! I'll have to try it! :)
    Thank you for sharing!