December 06, 2016


Beverly Ville
I can't even begin to explain how much I love December, it's a month filled with love, light and sparkle all around. It's been a yearly tradition for Dan and I to set up the Christmas tree together, and it's the first year that the tree is up in my bedroom. Oh, the feeling when you wake up to twinkling fairy lights, while the morning light streams in through the curtains... blissful.

Beverly Ville

Here are my top 12 favourite things to do once it hits December! (actually, November for some of them)
1. Setting up the tree | 2. Buying Christmas ornaments | 3. Making hot chocolate | 4. Baking Christmas themed treats | 5. Listening to Mr Bublé | 6. Walking around town admiring Christmas lights

Beverly Ville
Beverly Ville

  7. Watching Christmas movies | 8. Buying Christmas jumpers | 9. Wrapping gifts | 10. Lighting Christmas scented candles | 11. Wearing all things sparkly | 12. Opening advent calendars.

What are your favourite things to do in December? I would love to know! Meanwhile, make it a December to remember! All my love đź’«


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