October 18, 2016


If you’ve stuck around from when I was 14, you would have probably read my cry for help on my bad skin back then. Facials have religiously been a part of my beauty regime ever since, and the monthly skin pampering was something I really needed. Although my skin has improved tremendously, I wish I could say there are easier steps to maintaining great skin.  Well, there isn’t.

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 We all know the basic drill, cleanse – tone – moisturize. Despite the efforts, I still get occasional breakouts. Plus, effects from the late nights gradually showed up on my face. Every facial session that I went to, the therapist would tell me the same thing – My skin is too dry and it lacks moisture. And as my skin lacks moisture, it is not as firm as before. (cries)

After all these years of facials, it was my first time trying out a Heavy Lifting facial at Beauty Emporium. Basically, this facial made a huge difference in my skin in just 90 minutes. No, I’m not exaggerating. The therapist was gentle and also kind enough to explain every step of the facial. My favorite parts of the session were the masks. (cream mask and the warm sculpting mask) I actually fell asleep during this process. The warm sculpting mask not only intensely lifts and firms the skin and facial contours, but it also boosts blood circulation. Talk about a power mask huh.

When the session was over, I could genuinely feel that my face was tighter and smoother. Plus points for hot tea and cookies after! Yay if you’re still here after all this beauty talk... here’s something for you! If you would like to try out the Heavy Lifting Facial, make an appointment at any Spa Esprit outlet at a trial price of $150. (Usual $321). Quote my name (AMELYN) at the counter for a one-time redemption beauty sesh. Who needs highlighters when you can glow from the inside? You can be your own star during the festivities. (Till 18 Nov only!)

*ps I am not paid to write this, my words and experiences are true yo. 



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