August 25, 2016


Awhile ago, innisfree sent me their 'My Body Line' range for some skin loving pampering. I received the Cherry Blossom scent out of the 10 different unique fragrances of Jeju. I have to say, innisfree is a brand I truly love and products which I use religiously.

It feels like Christmas every time a new product launches. I love how the body line come in a pair, I would totally include this duo in my travel essentials. The body lotion is my personal favourite, I apply it before I sleep and my legs feel great the following morning. If cherry blossom isn't your go-to scent, fret not - there's 9 other scents which you can check out! p.s I would go for the Peach and Wild Berry! 
Cherry Blossom body line in collaboration with innisfree, thanks G & M! x

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  1. Such an edgy look ... Cool and creatively beautiful! :)
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