Saturday, February 6


H&M x Maison Martin Margiela Candy Clutch | Kate Spade Pop Corn Bag | Accessorize Matryoshka Doll | ALDO Guide to Paris Book Clutch | Skinnydip Unicorn Tears Smoothie | Accessorize Robot Bag | H&M Pineapple Bag | ALDO Furry Monster | Bangkok Seashell Bag | Watermelon Bag (Birthday Gift)

I know that monthly favourites are usually featured at the end of every month but I can't wait to show you my collection of novelty bags! I am also a crazy collector of embellished and vintage clutches and I would say I'm a proud mother of these babies. Give me a clutch that's a book or a robot for a bag, I will gladly welcome them to my collection.

I guess these bags make me feel most like myself. They speak of my personality when I pair them with different outfits. Every one that I have bought or received has it's own flair. Also, I realized my bags actually make great conversation starters. What do you think, would you carry one out?




  1. Duh these are just too cute. I'm obsessed with the little robot one!

    Love, Kerstin

  2. these are all so cute i can't even pick a favorite! either the robot, watermelon or pineapple!

    x caitie