Saturday, November 22


This outfit pretty much portrays my current style at the moment. I can't help myself when Christmas is nearing, I have the tendency to pick knitted sweaters over well, everything else. Just 2 days ago, my dad and I went to the supermarket and brought home a 5 foot pine tree, the sparkliest ornaments, twinkling white lights and snow sprays. Dan and I were covered in glitter and faux snow when the tree was done. This Christmas is going to be full of magic, I can already feel it. I've a list of year end goals to fulfil, once they're checked off, I'll start penning down new year's resolutions. While it's still November, I can't wait to share what I've been shooting for my new brand! (website still under maintenance for now) 
More on that in the next post - in the mean time, stay with me?

wearing: H&M knit, Topshop maxi skirt, Love Beverly Antheia Necklace, Kate Spade bag. Photos by Dan.



  1. lovely outfit! I especially like your sweater and your necklace! You have a great blog :)

    Deasy Tantra