July 14, 2011


Current favorite thing?

John Lennon inspired shades! Just added these 2 to my collection, I love both so much, Olive & tinted Purple!

Favorite Color?

Pink all the way! But I do like the Black & Gold combination too. I must say the colors Mint, Turquoise and Peach are very lovely too!

Favorite time of the day and why?

I love it when its dawn and evening! Well, I love how the air smells so incredibly fresh when it's in the morning, how the sunlight peeks into your blinds and you start to hear the birds chirping! And I love evenings as that's when I relax at home and just have a good time. 

Places I like to shop at?

Here, Valley Fair & Great Mall! Back in Singapore, no where in particular, I shop everywhere back home!

Which are the online sites I usually shop at?

Nasty Gal would be my top favorite!

And the rest are UO and Forever 21!

What do I like to do in my spare time?

When I get bored or have nothing important to do, I'll read, draw, make accessories or sew! And there's also a question asking me to share the books I bought from Barnes & Nobles the other day, I shall share it next!

What kind of books do I like to read?

Love stories! The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks made me cry, oh dear. I'm reading Cherish by Catherine Anderson right now! Other than love stories, it'll be fashion books/magazines or fiction stories! And below are the books I bought from Barnes & Nobles!

I'm not a huge fan of Lauren Conrad but I don't mind reading her books! 

Favorite Ben & Jerry's Flavor?

I had this with my Accessorize mates and I fell in love with it instantly!

What are my favorite foods?

and so many more! I loveee Indian food too!


not forgetting Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Marshmallows on top, I love Peach and Green tea too!

What do I do when it comes to exercise?

Badminton and jogging!

Disney characters I love?

Number one: Tinkerbell! Always will be her, and followed by Alice, Ariel, Rapunzel, Peter, Belle and lastly Marie!

Dresses or Skirts? / Shorts or Skirts?

Dresses or Skirts: Honestly, I don't mind both! But I would have to pick dresses as I don't fancy wearing skirts unless they're A-line/Maxi/High-waisted/Bandage Skirts! They may be more that I missed out but I do not mind wearing any kind/style of dress!  

Shorts or Skirts: Shorts definitely! I love shorts so much, I think I'm obsessed with them! Speaking if shorts, these are my new favorite 3! 

What do I think of menswear?

This question is not really clear to me, as in on girls or? However, I'll answer to this as much as I can! :) 

Well, on girls, I wish I can pull it off, I've seen some celebrities who look amazing in menswear! 

AnnaLynne McCord & Leighton Meester rocking menswear! 

Other than that, I kinda like menswear too, especially baseball jackets, muscle tanks and their shoes! I've bought shoes from Topman before!  I share shoes with my cousin Gab, he has amazing shoes, I get so jealous haha. That's all I've got to say about this! :)

It's the end of Part II for this Q&A! :)

Now, I'd like to share with you some of the new things I got recently! 

Betsey Johnson Lace-up socks that Amanda very kindly paid for me! Aztec print sneakers and Suede sandals! Sanrio compact mirror and an extremely adorable key cap!! I love the mustache on it, so so adorable! Lastly, a Juicy Couture charm and keyring from my Aunt! 

Boy, I realized I took 3 hours on this blog entry! 

x, Amelyn

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