July 05, 2011


This is part of the 'Shorts Entry' that I was supposed to do many months ago! These are some of my most favorite pairs, I will continue this 'Bottoms Up' entry another time. The reason why this post never seem to appear on my blog is mainly because every time I want to do this entry, I have a pair of shorts that'll be arriving in the mail! So I'll be thinking, why not wait for that pair to arrive? But then again, while waiting for that pair of shorts to arrive in the mail, I happen to order another pair and then you know, the cycle starts... On the bright side, I still managed to blog about 7 pairs that I love!

And these are Amanda's 4 favorite tops for Summer! I gave her that Crochet Babydoll on the bottom right, it looked better on her than on me anyway. Crochet, Cream, Lace and Chiffon perfect for Summer don't you think?

Night began to fall and we all waited for the fireworks! The view from Uncle Mike's window was perfect, we could see the whole of Bay Area. Stood there and played around with the camera settings, the view was just perfect with the moon right smacked in the middle.

I love sunsets, but I've only seen the sunrise once by the beach when I was 9. Yes, I can never wake up in time! 

And BOOM! There were fireworks everywhere! Nearest to us was from Ocean and those that were very far looked like tiny little specks of sparkling dust, it also seemed like fairy lights lighted up all over the city.

Happy 4th of July America!


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