April 02, 2011


Had breakfast at Wild Honey. The food was very very good! Would definitely go back again!  

 What I brought home! Plus a few others I bought after this picture was taken. Spent quite a sum yesterday... ٩̯͡)۶

This is what happens when you get too lazy to dress up. I realized I'm always throwing on a tank top with an outerwear, just that I'm always out with a different pair of shorts.

Ugly + Chipped nails that I removed last night. Wore a ring to match my shorts!

I was contemplating which USA shorts I should wear out. Decided to go with this pair instead of the one from Topshop and thankfully I chose this pair. I was walking down City Link Mall, there was another girl who was wearing the pair from Topshop... You know, that awkward moment when you spot someone wearing the same thing as you... Oh yes! The ugly bites that were all over my legs are so much better now that I can finally wear shorts again! No more pants! - that's only until I start working ٩̯͡)۶


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