October 28, 2009

Big Hair, Pouty Lips.

I've been cooped up at home for 2 whole days, and it ain't fun I'm tellin' ya. Oh yes, I did head out for a haircut yesterday with Baby, and the results for Baby were good, but mine, was.. what I would say not that fantastic. :( Oh well, I wanna head out tomorrow to probably shop? Hee hee, will call Bestie later on. Baby's gonna be over at her Godma's doing house chores, poor her. :( Will give her a good long massage soon, she deserves it, right Sammie? I've been eating loads of ice-cream and Fruity Pebbles lately, if I don't stop, I'll probably turn into a round ball. Currently watching Parent Trap with Amelia on youtube, ah that movie never gets old. Hee oh I almost forgot, Amanda sis, your items arrived already! Love ya and webcam soon.

Love you all!

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