September 16, 2018


Hi my loves, it's been awhile since I updated the Love Series. Dan and I have been traveling intensively for the past 2 months and it's been one crazy adventure.

Today, let's talk about traveling as a couple. Dan and I get loads of questions on how are we able to be around each other 24/7, and how is it like traveling while working together all at the same time. What we've learnt from traveling together is that we definitely have to work as a team, we both have roles and that is our responsibility. For Dan, he is in charge of managing all the camera gear and navigating. For myself, I take care of flights and accommodations. As for the places in the country, we will both decide where we want to visit together. 

Having these responsibilities made us more efficient when it comes to travelling back to back. We get to learn so much about each other, from who is better at directions, to who books the best deals. Dan is great at navigating, I never once (okay maybe once or twice) doubted him when it comes to directions so that means there will never be arguments when it comes to getting around. I love finding the best flight deals and accommodations so Dan leaves that up to me. In that way, planning and getting through trips will be so much faster and way more enjoyable when you've settled everything beforehand! 

I feel that being patient with each other is so important when it comes to traveling with your loved one. There was one time we completely missed our overnight bus back to London, and we were stuck in Amsterdam with no place to rest for the night. Instead of spending the next few minutes arguing on who was the forgetful one, we immediately looked for a solution. Dan got out his portable charger, plugged it into our pocket wifi and we started searching for the next flight back to London. We also realised that we both assumed the (wrong) timing, hence we were both at fault. Remember to always be solution seekers, pointless arguments are a complete waste of time.

As travelling is also a part of our work, the hardest thing we've learnt is to separate our emotions when it comes to working. As we fly so often, jet-lag somehow doesn't affect us that much. But, there are still times that we do feel really exhausted after traveling non-stop for months. We prioritise our breaks as we figured that feeling stressed and exhausted can affect our quality of work. 

Traveling together is a great test to your relationship and I can say that it has only made my relationship with Dan stronger than ever. 

It feels so good being back on this space and writing to you again! We have many more trips coming up and I'm currently working on travel posts and videos as well, there's so much to share with you guys so don't go away! 



  1. Nice post! ;)

  2. It's lovely to see how couple make such a great team in both personal and work life together! I respect that risk taking and also the faith you two have with each other every single day without fail! Stay sweet! xoxo

    Sincerely, Shannon