February 04, 2018


Hello my loves, welcome back to The Love Series. This month's chapter is about Understanding.

Understanding is the essence of love, if you cannot understand a person, you cannot love. It took Dan and I two whole years to fully understand each other. It was a learning journey that gave us a deeper understanding of what love is about. When I say we fully understand each other, it means understanding every aspect of each other's character from what makes us upset, what worries us, what brings us joy, words not to say, why we react in a certain manner in different situations, things like that. Without truly understanding your partner, it is not possible to love him or her the right way. 

The reason why relationships end badly is because the couple has not fully understood one another, there is a saying that goes, "When you really know somebody you can’t hate them. Or maybe it’s just that you can’t really know them until you stop hating them." One of my favourite quotes is from this novel that I studied for Literature back in school. It goes, " You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view .. until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

Take time to look deeper than just the surface of a person, be it your partner, your friend or a family member. Be present, pay attention and listen. Only then you will realise why he or she speaks that way, feels that way, behaves that way. Don't be so quick to assume that you know what your partner wants, let him/her speak his mind, and listen.

Remember that understanding is a two-way street.

Read Chapter 1, Trust.

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