September 19, 2015



Oh the joy when the weekends are here! Perfect for unwinding, taking a breather before the hectic week begins again. Here's a quick post on how I usually spend my weekends before the Monday Blues kick in!

1. Brunch - I love having a good brunch with friends to catch up or even whipping up a simple meal works just fine. Why not get started on that recipe you've been wanting to try?

2. Read - It could be from getting lost in a good novel to reading your favourite e-magazines.

3. Create - Just about anything that inspires you! Mood boards, DIY, music playlists etc.. I personally like to create mood boards if I'm nearing a holiday trip - here's the the travel boards + diy leather clutch I did last year!

4. Exercise - You may be thinking that exercising tires you out more but in actual fact, exercising makes you less fatigued and more energised. So go out there, you won't regret it!

5. Plan - I like planning the week ahead to know what lies ahead. Grab your planner and get organised with your activities, it's really useful to refer to when the week gets busy!

6. Movie - What's a weekend without cuddling up under your sheets and enjoying a good movie? It doesn't have to be a movie, it could also be the latest episode of your favourite tv series. So make yourself a hot cuppa chocolate and enjoy your weekends!

Let me know how you spend your weekends!


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