September 10, 2015



Felt the need to freshen up my room a little, so I gave my dresser top a quick declutter by minimising the unnecessary, and added some decorative home accessories for a finishing touch!


Declutter - Remove whatever you don't need! Start by doing the dust check. Whatever that has a layer of dust on it, store it away! It's that straightforward. Keep your dresser neat by storing your most used jewelry in a pretty dish or tray. You can find your jewelry dishes from Typo, Urban Outfitters or even Daiso!

Fake Flowers - Nothing brightens up a room more than some fresh flowers! I prefer fake to fresh as -let's get real, nobody has time to water them plus, fake flowers last forever. I got my bunch from a market in Thailand and wrapped them with a pastel pink tissue. Tip is to use colors that match your walls or dresser top!

Decorative Accessories - I didn't go crazy on this, I simply got an alphabet block and old photo strips.
It's really up to you, try different things like framing up your favourite quotes as a daily reminder! Less is definitely more when it comes to a wanting a neat and calm room.

Create a Mood - I used fairy lights and candles to help create a soft glow for a calming ambience to the room. Add your favourite books ready for you to read when you want to unwind in the evenings!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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  1. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.