July 23, 2011


I'm back in Singapore and I feel really weird and tired! I was really lucky to have scored an aisle seat in the plane, plus double lucky when the seat next to mine was empty. So from San Francisco to Hong Kong, there was an empty seat in between this guy and I and we silently agreed to share half of the seat. Well, I think I took the whole seat a couple of times by lying down, my back was hurting so much!! I felt that the journey back is always much faster! Transited at Hong Kong, and I really wanted to shop badly to kill time but all the shops were closed as it was really early in the morning! Oh well, so went through all the hassle of taking my camera, laptop, and iPad in and out of my bag like so many times... My shoulder is aching so bad from carrying such heavy bags! Played Angry Birds till it was time to board the plane again, 3 hours went by really quickly and poof! Hello Singapore! 

When I reached Singapore, the first thing I did was to walk straight to Accessorize! Was warmly greeted with hugs from Komathy, Fazila and Aidah! I was thrilled to see all of them once again. Walked back to the arrival hall to collect my baggages and boy they were heavy. I looked out and saw Mom and Sam waiting for me! We went to have breakfast but I didn't eat though, not much of an appetite. Took a taxi back and just when I stepped into my home, my best friend appeared at my door with 2 whole bags of goodies from London! I shrieked and gave her the tightest hug ever! 

I'll blog more later, the little cousins are coming over! They've been using their Mom's phone to send me 'I miss you' texts! How adorable, haha!

Xoxo, Amelyn

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