Monday, December 15


It's December and no matter how much I love the sun, it's nice to have a little rain sometimes for fuzzy knits and hot chocolates. Just walking downtown looking at the many different trees with the prettiest ornaments gives me the warm tingly feeling that Christmas is round the corner. Everything about Christmas is so magical and it's literally the most wonderful time of the year. Think candy canes, gingerbread men, snowflakes, log cakes, peppermint scented candles, oh the list goes on and on.

I was invited to Klarra's private studio preview a few weeks back and got one of my Christmas dresses settled thanks to the lovely team. I chose the Alexa Bejewelled black dress as I was in love the beaded detailing and the slits at the hem. They sent me the Bayss Mirrored Floral Top when I was still in the States but unfortunately when it arrived, I was back here in Singapore. Finally received it late last month and I'm loving everything about it, from the material to the perfect shade of blue. There's even a matching skirt!

 There's 12 days of Christmas so that gives you a reason to spend a little more on your outfits. *wink* 
2014 is ending, let's make December the best chapter shall we? 


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